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Mitchwear Sneaker

Confidence booster. Comfortable. Colorful. Fashionable. Trendy. Tailor made. This is how many describe Mitchwear sneaker, one of the most exciting of the likable shoe brands in South Africa. Not only is our sneaker stylish but it’s also made with substance. The craftsmanship behind the Mitch is high quality. It a culmination of a process that saw artistry and technology come together to produce a shoe that makes people walk with springs in their feet. A shoe made for different seasons and can easily be donned in casual, semi-formal and formal looks. The material incorporated in making the shoe has elements that make it light, soft, elastic, odor resistant. The beauty and general comfort of the unisex shoe have made it a hit sneaker lovers.


Sneaker Details:


  • Body Mesh: breathable, good for athletic
  • Suede leather: noble temperament, retro elements
  • Micro Leather: good elasticity, waterproof
  • Inside interlining: breathable & odor-resistant
  • Shoes pad: soft, breathable & deodorization
  • Bottom sole: light weight, soft shock absorption

                        : anti-slip & wear-resisting