"Following my dreams"

MITCHWEAR was founded in 2022 by Mr. Johnny Modiba through the realisation of his dream to speak to the masses about following their dreams. Mr.
Modiba comes from a small town and for him “following his dream” had a lot
to do with confidence. Through his brand, Mitch, he realised that he could, boost the morale of many individuals wanting to follow their dreams.

A Proudly South African Brand, MITCHWEAR takes immense pride in sourcing raw materials from both local and international suppliers and through its
world-class manufacturing process produces high-quality, sophisticated, and
affordable apparel.

Here at MITCHWEAR we realize and understand that style and prosperity
begin with the correct shoes and through this, we understand that following
your dreams will be more attainable as the correct apparel leads to confidence that in turn allows one to dream big.
We understand that effectively finding the right size and style to meet your
requirements is vital and different for each individual. We at Mitchwear
endeavor to present to you that perfect shopping experience.

Our Mission

To fulfill our clients’ dreams, desires and to exceed their expectations
through our high-quality apparel. To ensure that we thrive with motivated
and satisfied staff generating results that will live and speak the Mitchwear brand.

Our Vision

To be a benchmark in the international market, thriving with brands that are
admired and favoured internationally

Our Team

Our team is made up of young, energetic professionals driven by the dedication to the brand and the pursuit of opportunity and commitment to be and
stand with the best. This is the spirit that has urged us onwards from the
beginning. We pride ourselves on conveying hard-to-discover styles and
designs since we realize that each individual’s needs contrast.

Regardless of whether you’re experiencing issues looking for a specific item
or you have a straightforward inquiry, our team is prepared and willing to

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